Greenhouse Opportunities

The Stop’s greenhouse is a unique and inspiring space, where a diversity of people come together to grow and care for plants, and potentially each other. We grow edible and medicinal plants and thousands of seedlings, to be planted in the gardens we run and freely distributed among community members, as well as community gardens throughout the city.

There has been a great deal of interest in the greenhouse for years, from a wide diversity of people. The interests are as diverse as the people (and plants) themselves! Interests include:

  • Simply visiting and enjoying the “green space” (especially in the cold winter);
  • Learning about growing food;
  • Meeting and connecting with other people in the space;
  • Contributing to the upkeep of the greenhouse plants and facility, and to The Stop.

All these interests are valid, and of course people can be interested in more than one thing. In order to try to meet the different interests and needs of a diversity of people, and to open the space to people who have not had access to the greenhouse yet, The Stop is going to start offering different streams of participation/access to the greenhouse, on a trial basis in 2017.

The different streams are:

1. Drop-in: Unstructured time for people to hang out with others or on their own in the greenhouse at set hours. Optional activities will be available.

  • Times: January to the end of February, on the second and last Friday of the month; March to September, on the last Friday of the month; October to mid-December, on the second and last Friday of the month. No advance registration is needed.

2. Programming, e.g. workshop series, learning activities: A facilitated forum that takes place periodically over a period of 1-2 months, for people to come together around a focused activity and/or learning opportunity.

  • Times: January to February, every two (2) weeks (on Thursdays); October to December, every two (2) weeks. Registration is required.

3. Volunteering: Shifts for people to assist with the care and production goals of the greenhouse.

  • Times: Two (2) separate cycles per year to address the waiting list. A different set of volunteers in each cycle: 1) January to the end of May; 2) July to the end of November. Priority will be given to new volunteers from the waiting list.

You can also view this chart about the three different streams to volunteering and engaging with the greenhouse.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, please contact Andrea “Peachtree” Boucaud, Green Barn Manager, at peachtree@thestop.org or 416-651-7867 ext. 28.