Greenhouse &
Compost Facility

The Stop’s Green Barn houses a 3,000-square-foot community greenhouse. This unique and inspiring space is open year-round, and brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to learn, connect, and care for a wide variety of organically grown plants—edible, medicinal, Indigenous, tropical, local, and beautiful.

The community greenhouse hosts monthly drop-ins (usually the last Friday of the month) in the fall and winter for people to visit and enjoy the warm, green oasis. Optional activities and informal tours are provided.

Our compost facility produces much-needed compost for our greenhouse. Large outdoor composting units and indoor vermicomposting bins serve a triple purpose — to divert food (and other) scraps from landfill and turn them into a rich growing medium for greenhouse plants, and to teach the value and methods of composting to Green Barn visitors.

Contact Mary at 416-651-7867 ext. 21 or mary@thestop.org.