Global Roots Garden

The Global Roots Garden is a multicultural, intergenerational community food garden located at The Stop’s Green Barn. It is a partnership program between The Stop and CultureLink, a newcomer settlement group. Several garden plots are tended weekly by seniors and youth from diverse cultural backgrounds. They grow an immensely varied range of vegetables and herbs, including bitter melon, fenugreek, chilies, eggplants, and sorrel.

Bringing together seniors—many of whom have extensive experience growing food—with youth makes for an important and fun intergenerational exchange of talents and knowledge. Some participants (both seniors and youth) come to the program not realizing the knowledge they already have, and are able to nurture and build on it within the wonderfully collaborative community that is Global Roots.

For more information, contact Mary at 416-651-7867 ext 21 or mary@thestop.org.