Our Markets Bring People Together


The Stop’s Farmers’ Market at Wychwood Barns runs year-round, bringing together farmers, local producers and vendors, and community members every week. Kristina shared her love of our Farmers’ Market, and why this space has been so important to her:

“Starting to come to The Stop’s [Farmers’] Market has been something that sparked a huge change in my life.

I started coming after moving to the Oakwood and Rogers Road area, and hearing that an old family friend sold for Wooler Dale Farm.

As I realized the quality of local and organic produce, my whole relationship with food changed! I’ve become known as the vegetable guru amongst my friends and colleagues.

I just graduated with a Master’s in Opera Performance, and one of the most important things to learn is what does one need to feel fulfilled and happy, even on the road and alone.

Coming here made me realize that being close to a market where I can interact with the people that grow and produce food, and a like-minded community, is one thing that really fills my life with joy.

I recently started working for a vendor here, which is amazing, since I have an extra income stream, which also allows me to live and be in the amazing community created.

Thank you for being here, it has made a huge difference in my life.”

We’re grateful to people like Kristina, who make our market an engaging and fun community hub, each and every week!

Pictured above: Scenes from our winter Farmers’ Market; throughout the season, you’ll find our farmers and vendors in Barn 2. Photos courtesy of Dave Roscoe.