New Workshops for Community Members in our Drop-in


Our Drop-in is not only a place where community members can access nutritious and delicious meals — it is also a place where people gather around the table to foster friendships.

Between meals, or after lunch, the space is also the site of engaging workshops that enable people to build connections and share and develop skills.

Embroidery groups, knitting circles, and sewing classes spark creativity, as do gardening demonstrations. Guest bakers have led bread-making tutorials, our friends from Greenbelt Microgreens have shared cooking tips, and renowned Toronto storyteller Sage Tyrtle has introduced ideas for how to build confidence.

Community members have also facilitated workshops on a variety of topics, including navigating the Internet, time management, and using coupons.

And, of course, we continue to host our popular bingo event on Mondays and a movie screening every Friday afternoon.

By engaging community members in a variety of activities and across a myriad of interests, we hope to continue to create a space where people feel a sense of connection and belonging.