If you’ve ever thought about supporting The Stop, now’s the time.


As you may have read, these past weeks have been incredibly difficult for The Stop.

The windstorm devastated the site of our Night Market fundraiser, and forced us to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel an event that means so much to so many.

Nonprofits exist in a state of precarity. From a shift in government priorities, to an increase in need for our services, we must constantly plan for future challenges.

But some things can’t be predicted. And 110 km/h winds are one of them. 

The people who walk through our doors know these challenges all too well. Many are dealing with a job loss, a critical illness or injury, or the loss of a home after the rents just kept rising. Without a strong safety net, unexpected setbacks can cause us to isolate ourselves from our community and disconnect from our sense of identity.

The Stop is a place where these people can come to be themselves, and to find a way forward.

 We’re lucky. The Stop has a beautiful community of friends, volunteers, and supporters who’ve rallied around us this past week. But we’re still left in the challenging position of fundraising today, when we were counting on money from a sold-out fundraiser just days ago.

We’ve got so much on offer this summer that can benefit from your support.

 Here’s a Taste:

65af9f4f-f41a-4f11-820b-a42a7cfedbe6 Building Newcomer Networks
At The Stop’s Global Roots gardens, newcomer seniors and youth come together every week to tend plots, cook delicious meals, and share their intergenerational knowledge.
b9bb7157-6e94-465e-b20e-c93f386b5bbe Supporting Indigenous Land Work
We partner with the Na-Me-Res (Native Men’s Residence) Sagatay program to animate our garden at Hillcrest Park—providing men with the opportunity to share teachings and learn more about plant medicine, gardening, and healthy living.
youth Fostering Youth Leadership
We were thrilled to re-launch our Youth Program in 2017 with a focus on racialized, Indigenous, newcomer, and 2SLGBTQ youth. Together they grow, cook, and share healthy food, while learning about sustainable food systems and the root causes of hunger and poverty from a social justice perspective.

If you’ve ever thought about supporting The Stop, now is the time.

To help us sustain and grow these much-loved programs, we’re asking you to commit to a small monthly donation. Our friends at FreshBooks will match contributions we receive before July 8th.

Become a Monthly Donor

Thanks to our matching donation campaign, a
$15 gift would make a major impact, enabling us to plan and deliver our vital community programs.

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Make a One-Time Gift

Covering the cost of a single refunded Night Market ticket will help us to recoup our losses, build our resilience, and look to the future.


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