How Eatertainment’s Sebastien and Sheila Centner Use Great Food to Support The Stop


Toronto-based catering and events company Eatertainment has been creating stylish hospitality experiences since 1981. As a family-owned-and-operated company, they also understand the significance of giving back to their local community.

This October, Eatertainment’s acclaimed chefs will serve up a six-course, wine-paired fundraising dinner at their head office on 29 Booth Avenue (pictured above), with all proceeds going to support The Stop’s vital community programming.

Ahead of this exciting event, we checked in with Eatertainment’s Sebastien and Sheila Centner to find out more about their connection to The Stop’s mission, what they love about the Toronto restaurant community, and of course, their favourite vegetable.

Eatertainment is famous for bringing people together around great food. How does your company’s philosophy connect to its support of The Stop?

We often take for granted that good, healthy, beautiful food is not accessible to everyone. When we host events we try to remember that we are very very fortunate to be able to afford and have access to quality foods, and of course, others things that many people do not. Our philosophy is to share the joy of entertaining with our clients and guests, effectively putting a smile on their face. To be able to support the Stop in their quest to offer everyone access to quality foods, experiences, and services in a respectful manner, allows us to help them achieve that same goal.


Sheila and Sebastien Centner

You recently paid a visit to our 1884 location. What inspired you most from your time at The Stop? 

The dedication of the volunteers, the staff, and how engaged the visitors to the Stop are in what they are learning.

Can you offer us a taste of what’s on offer at your Eatertainment x The Stop fundraising dinner on October 17?

It will be a fall flavours menu that will combine classic dishes with some more contemporary presentations and twists on old favourites. That’s a long way of saying that you’ll just have to wait and see, but it will be spectacular!


 What are some of the things you appreciate most about the Toronto food and restaurant community? 

What we really love about the Toronto food and restaurant community is firstly how supportive chefs, owners and operators are towards one-another, we see it with all the collaborative projects happening and the willingness to share ideas between businesses that many may look at as competitive. Also, the fact that it isn’t just the restaurants pushing the local-food movement, but the diners and customers elevates the entire industry

 And now, the question that we ask every new Stop employee. What’s your favourite vegetable?

Sebastien: Asparagus, but only the way Sheila makes them. Baked with chili peppers, olive oil and Parmesan. Or smothered in hollandaise sauce. Sorry, my french side!
Sheila: Mushrooms, especially when they are sauteed and served in a salad.

To purchase tickets for the Eatertainment X The Stop fundraising dinner, contact cara@thestop.org.