Food for Change, Sept. 14

The Stop’s Chef Chris Brown (Perigee Restaurant, Group of 7 Chefs) presents an intimate dining experience savoured in the sheltered garden or greenhouse at our Green Barn that supports The Stop’s innovative programs that fight hunger, build health and community and inspire change.

Meal prices vary.

Kitchen crew: $100.*

Starting in September 2012, we are re-launching Food for Change as a themed event. Each month, we’ll choose a theme, and bring you different courses related to that theme. The re-launch event happens on Sept. 14 with Childhood Meals, featuring five courses that’ll take the PB & J of your youth up a few notches. Here's the menu:

{Menu for Sept. 14, 2012}

Theme: Childhood meals

Chicken wing tacos with blue cheese emulsion sauce, heirloom carrots, pickled celery and dilly dip

Spaghetti and meatball wood-oven pizza with fresh arugula and shaved Thunder Oak gouda

Crispy mac'n'cheese ball stuffed with mozzarella and foie gras

Pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich with toasted brioche, summer truffle ketchup, and seasonal pickles

Milk and cookies



Wine pairings by Rosewood Estates Winery

To reserve your spot, or for more information, please contact Danielle Goldfinger at 416 652 7867 ext 225 or danielle [at] thestop [dot] org.

*Please note that we encourage kitchen crew participants to arrive between 12 and 3 pm to maximize time in the kitchen. And while  participants are able to sample all courses, they remain in the kitchen until all five courses are served, and are not seated in the dining room with the rest of the guests. Welcome to life in the kitchen!

Food for Change is generously sponsored by ING DIRECT Canada.



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