Join us for a Springtime Feast!

Cold weather got you down? Join us on May 3 for a hearty, five-course feast that'll make anyone forget about freezing rain and roadside slush.


Living the Vision: Shirley's Story

"The Vision: Being aware of colonization and unequal power and privilege, we practice self-care, openness, empathy, and non-judgment to cultivate a community where we feel accepted, supported, and have the freedom and opportunity to express ourselves and engage with each other and our community. By taking positive action and sharing knowledge we will strive towards and leave a legacy of wholeness, equality, and social justice." — Community Action Training...

Community Members at The Stop's Good Food for All Festival

Why we’re giving away our Loblaws cards

In late 2017, Canadians learned that Loblaws was an active participant in a price-fixing scheme that artificially inflated the price of bread for almost fifteen years. Despite benefiting handsomely from illegally raising the cost of a basic kitchen staple, the company...

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