An Interview with The Tempered Room’s Chef Bertrand Alépée

The team from The Tempered Room at What's on the Table 2013, including Chef Bertrand Alépée (right).

Chef Bertrand Alépée of The Tempered Room (above right) is a long-time supporter of The Stop and our annual fundraising gala What’s on the Table. We recently spoke with Bertrand about this year’s event and his continued commitment to our work.

Why did you decide to participate in What’s on the Table?

I’ve been connected to this event since the very beginning, when I participated with my then-restaurant, Amuse Bouche, in 2004 at Palais Royale. When we were approached by The Stop to participate, we loved the concept and cause and said yes — and I haven’t missed one yet!

Two years later, a group of like-minded chefs started Crosstown Kitchens to help raise money for The Stop and introduce more chefs to the amazing work going on at The Stop. I remember touring The Stop’s Green Barn before it opened with a group of chefs, all wearing hard hats — we were blown away by the potential of the space.

Have you decided what you’ll be making this year?

I haven’t yet, but it will be sweet. We’ll showcase The Tempered Room’s pastry shop. I promise it will be delicious.

What does The Stop Community Food Centre mean to you?

There was a time when I was spending a lot of time at The Stop, working in the kitchen back when The Stop was doing catering. I was able to see for myself the impact The Stop has on people. Things that I take for granted were so appreciated and enjoyed by the community members. I watched people’s relationship to good food change and grow over time. The cause grounds me.

What is your food philosophy?

Local. Seasonal. Treat your food well. Keep it simple. Share.

Why does The Stop matter?

It matters because the more people we can reach, the more noise we can make about the potential impact of healthy food for all!

Join us at What’s on the Table on November 4th to sample The Tempered Room and several of Toronto’s best restaurants. All funds raised will support The Stop’s critical food access and community-building programs.