Our Values

Social Justice
Our commitment to social justice means confronting the underlying structural issues behind hunger and poverty, including wholly inadequate social assistance rates, lack of affordable housing, and an unliveable minimum wage. We believe that access to healthy food is a basic human right, and that building a truly just, food-secure society requires sustainable food systems that protect the environment and create respectful working conditions for people who work the land.

Our leadership in the food security movement has been elevated to a new level with the development of Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC). Replication of The Stop’s community food centre model in communities across the country provides us with opportunities to share learnings and best practices from coast to coast. We will continue to collaborate with CFCC and support the development of new community food centres, and to be a leader in food security and social justice work in Toronto.

Healthy Food
Given the clear connection between food and health outcomes, particularly in our community, we will continue to grow, share, and advocate for healthy food, and build agency around healthy food through programs that foster skills in the kitchen and garden.

Our development of the community food centre model is the most recent example in a long history of forging new responses to poverty and hunger. We will continue to hone our work, constantly seeking more effective approaches by supporting and encouraging innovative ideas and learning from others, and will share our learnings to inform the work of other organizations in the food security movement.

Key to all of our work is providing respectful and welcoming spaces for all who come to The Stop. We will continue to ensure our programs are delivered in dignified settings, which include participatory opportunities and initiatives that stretch beyond the stigmatizing experiences of traditional food security programs.

Sustainable Organization
Our reputation as an innovative, dynamic agency providing respectful services is built on the dedication and hard work of our staff and volunteer team. Our success as an organization depends on continuing to provide staff and volunteers with the support and resources they need, and continuing to foster a culture of transparency, tolerance, respect, and initiative.