The Stop and its staff have been the recipients of numerous awards and honours for pioneering work in building community food security in Toronto, including:

  • 2017, Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital Ideas & Leadership Grant (led by Community Programs Manager Amele Zewge-Teffera)
  • 2016, Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital People Award (honouring Community Advocacy Coordinator Mark Woodnutt)
  • 2014, ‘Rising Star’ Award from Toronto Botanical Garden’s Aster Awards (honouring Education Coordinators Kanaka Kulendran and Xuan-Yen Cao)
  • 2013, NOW Magazine‘s Best Local Food Group
  • 2013, Toronto Region Board of Trade Community Service Award at the Business Excellence Awards
  • 2011, Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence (Eat Local, Taste Global initiative, in partnership with Vineland Research Innovation Centre)
  • 2010, Toronto Board of Health’s Public Health Champion Award
  • 2009, Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital People Award (honouring Green Barn Manager Rhonda Teitel-Payne)
  • 2009, The Stop’s Farmers’ Market at Wychwood Barns Named NOW Magazine’s Best Farmers’ Market
  • 2009, The Stop’s Green Barn Named NOW Magazine‘s Best Local Project
  • 2008, Jane Jacobs Award (honouring Executive Director Nick Saul)
  • 2006, Social Justice Award for Neighbourhood Organizing from the Centre for Social Justice
  • 2005, Green Toronto Environmental Award