A Growing Opportunity


By the 10 Metre Greens team

We are all long-time members of The Stop Community Food Centre and participants of 10 Metre Greens, an exciting new pilot program whose aim is to empower members of our community by providing them with the mentorship and resources they need to run successful food-based businesses.

All of our products are grown in The Stop’s Green Barn located at Artscape Wychwood Barns (601 Christie St, Toronto) and then sold every Saturday at The Stop’s Farmer’s Market in the same building. We literally sell our products 10 metres from where they are grown.  (Now you know where we get our name from.  We apologize if you were expecting greens that are ten metres tall).  If you want to eat locally produced foods, it doesn’t get any better than this.

The other great thing about selling our products where we grow them is that they cannot be beat in freshness or nutrition. We even sell products still in the soil under our “A Slice of Life” line, perfect for maintaining maximum freshness and nutrition.

You will also find a new product every week in our hit sample tray – which you are free to harvest from yourself. Take some greens for a quick dose of freshness, or to give some kick to that lunch you bought from one of the market’s other lovely vendors.

Come pay us a visit, we’re only ten metres away!